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What is a Grace Group?

A grace group is another term for a small group. That’s a group of believers who gather together for fellowship (doing life together) and discipleship (growing in the Word of God) so we can be more like Jesus.

Why do I need a Grace Group?

You can’t be a follower of Christ on your own. We all need each other!

What is the purpose of the Grace Groups?

To grow in Christ by learning the Word of God and being accountable to other believers. (Discipleship)

To build better ties between the members by providing opportunities for relationships to develop. (Fellowship)

To give emerging leaders the opportunity to lead discussion. (Ministry)

To reproduce leaders. (Leadership Development)

To minister to brothers and sisters, in your in times of need. (Service)

How do I get involved?

Contact Pastor Birch to join a Men’s Grace Group or Sister Gail Birch to join a Women’s Grace Group or Homebuilder’s Marriage Grace Group. You can sign up each Sunday after Worship Service.

Grace Groups meet weekly until the summer in a geographic location near you. We have an outstanding group of leaders who will care for you and share God’s Word in love. Our groups are great times of fun and fellowship.