What should I expect?

At Grace we want the “abundant grace of Jesus Christ” to be the centerpiece of our worship experience. We’ve done our best to create an environment where traditional obstacles are removed, and those who choose to worship with us can experience His love, grace and mercy. You’ll see it in our casual dress, friendly greeters, up-lifting time of praise, and preaching that you can apply to real life situations. At Grace we want you to know that we care for each other, and realize that God has led you to our church for a reason…to feel His touch, hear His Word, and know that you will feel welcomed at Abundant Grace.

How should I dress?

At Grace what you wear is a choice between you and God. Our overall atmosphere is predominately casual to business casual, however those who choose to wear more dress attire are equally welcomed at Grace. Kids normally dress casually as well.

What’s the atmosphere like?

At Grace you’ll see smiling faces, and people genuinely glad to see that you’ve chosen to attend our church. We genuinely want to express the joy of the Lord, and share His love with all who enter our doors. We acknowledge Jesus as Lord, and that His Word is our authority in life. We are creative and cutting edge in our service but always true to the integrity of God’s Word.

What about the messages?

Our preaching objective is designed to bring about authentic life change in the life of those who hear. The messages make you want to grow. The messages are clear and apply to everyday life. We strive to teach the Word with accuracy and in context but also in a way that makes Jesus real and present, not far away.

What about the kids? Any programs for them?