Never before in my life have I heard so many people talking about their bucket list! Even I have been often guilty of referring to the phrase…bucket list myself! Just in the rare case you don’t know, “bucket list” items are things people want to do in their lives before they “kick the bucket” or “pass away” from this life to an unknown future.

 Many list things like this:

  • Go on a Mediterranean cruise!
  • Go to at least one Super Bowl, World Series, or Final Four!
  • Buy my dream home!
  • Run in the New York Marathon!
  • Meet LeBron James, Tom Cruise, or Michael Jordan!
  • Buy a Bentley!
  • Attend my 25th High School Reunion…and look better than everyone else!
  • Live to see my grandchildren!
  • Sleep in till noon at least one day!!!

Many are so committed to achieving their bucket list items that they will save money for years, train for hours, beg, borrow, or steal if necessary to see their deepest desires come true in this lifetime!
While there is nothing wrong with having a “bucket list”, there is only one thing we can be ABSOLUTELY SURE of in this life…we WILL all “kick the bucket”. The only question is WHEN! So while these items may be worthy of a hardy pursuit, because tomorrow is not promised, why wouldn’t you consider pursuing the Ultimate Bucket List item!


The Ultimate Bucket List item, is achieved by confessing your sins, recognizing that Jesus died for those sins in your place, and receiving by faith the assurance of his gift of eternal life. This list item far surpasses ANY other item you may aspire or desire! To ensure that you live forever in heaven with your Savior and Creator has to be the ultimate bucket list item in a life where only one other thing is guaranteed! (kicking the bucket — Hebrews 9:27)Unfortunately many people don’t value this enough to make sure it’s on the top of their personal list! Sad but true. 
 The incredible thing about this item is that it is ABSOLUTELY FREE!

  • No money!
  • No work!
  • Only saving faith in Jesus Christ!

One more thing. As long as you are still alive, it’s never too late to place this item at the head of your Bucket List! My prayer is that you would do that before the inevitable day comes when you do “kick the bucket”! Once you make this your priority, you can truly enjoy the pursuit of any other bucket list item your heart desires, because you know that when you “kick the bucket”, it will result in a happy ending! God Bless!!