The average man has over seven jobs in his lifetime! Some brings great joy and rewards. Others are challenging and a real struggle. I’ve experienced both types in a variety of settings from business, to now ministry. However the most challenging, and rewarding job I have ever undertaken is the job as a father, of coaching my own kids!
I thought being a full-time youth pastor for five years, at a mega-church in Cleveland would have prepared me for the task ahead, as I juggled that with raising pre-adolescent children myself. However, something told me, and the scriptures confirmed, that coaching my own kids through the turbulent teen years would be my greatest challenge, despite all of the advice I had given adults and teens on the subject throughout the years. Let me make it clear, it is difficult to be dad, and coach in your kids life. Whether it is in sports, school, or just life, there are lines that must be drawn and never crossed to maintain godly relationships and respect for your most important position in your kid’s life… Dad! 
It is impossible to succeed at this 100% of the time! However, you need to exercise wisdom, sometimes through trial and error, to emerge on the winning side! Let me give you a few tips that I’ve now learned are indeed critical to even have a chance to win this game!

  • Kids care more about what you show, than what you know!
  • Teaching godly values begin at birth…and must last a lifetime!
  • Love is the greatest teaching tool!
  • Discipline is different than punishment…and must be done with wisdom!
  • Listening is more important than telling!
  • Establish clear roles of responsibility in your home!
  • Good coaches have good assistants!
  • When in doubt, error on God’s side!

Jesus was a great coach and He wants you to be one too! Each of us has unique challenges to face, but we can’t run, we can’t hide, and we can’t pass it off to the schools, the government, or even the church. This is our responsibility as Dads. Victory is not measured by your child’s achievement, but by your faithfulness, and obedience to the Lord! That’s how he will measure you as a dad!
So Buckle Up! Prepare yourself…and Hold On, for the most thrilling ride of your life! The highs will be high and the lows will be low. But you can win, if you Accept the Challenge… Play your role Well… and Never Give Up on your Child! Coaching God’s way is a winning strategy!