I believe the Lord’s whisper during adversity, is louder than His shout during victory! The key is… are you listening! The following is difficult medicine, but it will bring spiritual healing during your time of adversity! Listen to see if He is whispering these to you:

  1. Accept It! …It happened to you, but believe in me, and trust in me! John 16:33
  2. Don’t Try to Understand It! …Don’t lean on your understanding! Proverbs 3:5–6
  3. Rejoice in It! …You heard me right! “Consider it pure joy, when you face many trials” James1:2
  4. Use It! …Let it glorify me! Psalm 69:30
  5. Don’t Explain It! …It’s between you and me! 2 Corinthians 1:4
  6. Grow From It! …The Lord wants to make you stronger! Romans 5:3
  7. Stand on my Promises Through It! …”be strong and very courageous…” Joshua 1:9
  8. Don’t Fear It! …I’m in control! Isaiah 46:10
  9. Rest in my Arms During It! …I got you! Matthew 11:28
  10. Look for the Blessing from It! …Ultimately, it’s all good! Romans 8:28
  11. Bless Others Despite It! …It’s tough, but be a blessing to others! Acts 20:19
  12. Embrace each Moment in It! …Patiently endure and trust! Romans 12:12
  13. Don’t Lose Hope Because of It! …Live vertically during it! Psalm 71:14
  14. Pray in the Midst of It! …Not for it, but in it! Philippians 4:6
  15. Look Ahead to It! …He’s coming soon! 1Thessalonians 4:17

Finally, always remember what Jesus went through for you…Think About It!Romans 5:8